Accident Pros has the very best technicians in the auto repair industry. Our highly-skilled Pros are qualified to restore major and minor damage on nearly every make and model that comes to our shop.

Traditional dent repair is required when the metal of your vehicle is stretched upon impact or if the dent is too deep to extract. This type of repair is also appropriate when extensive paint damage from the impact exists. To repair a severely scraped dent, our technicians pull out the crushed area until it is level with the original surface.

Once our Pros achieve an ideal surface and smooth out the affected area, a computerized paint matching system matches your new paint exactly to the vehicle’s original finish.

Dents are no match for Accident Pros. Bring your vehicle into our repair center and we’ll show you what we can do to make your car look brand new.


Dime Size $65
Nickel Size $550
Quarter Size $650
Half Dollar Size $550
Golf Ball Size $650
by Wavy Collective