Over time, sunlight (UV rays), harsh chemicals, road debris, smog, acid rain and other hazards can leave plastic headlights looking yellow, dull, cloudy and hazy. Not only does this look bad, it reduces the effectiveness of your headlights and creates hazardous driving conditions at night. Not to mention reducing the value of your car. We want you to know that you do not have to deal with these cloudy, yellow headlight lenses which pose serious safety issues, and you do not have to purchase expensive replacement headlights which can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars. At Accident Pros, headlight restoration is affordable and long lasting.

We have perfected the process of headlight restoration to revitalize your car’s headlights, restoring them to 95% clarity, almost like brand new. Our process DOES NOT involve simply painting a clear coat film on the lens as some companies use. And we do the work for you! There are many companies selling lens cleaning products and do-it-yourself lens restoration kits, but in our years of ongoing research we have yet to find any that even come close to our process.

The difference is that our headlight restoration process brings the plastic lens close to its original finish, whereas most kits simply paint a clear-coat type polymer finish on the lens to make it shine. Not only do these type finishes and other cleaning products leave your lenses still looking bad, some of these chemicals can actually cause permanent damage, leaving you no choice but to replace the lenses. And these kits usually cost more to buy than our service. Not only will our service cost you less money, all of the work is done for you by trained professionals who will come to you, whether it be your home, place of business… your choice!


Each Light $45 / Each
Clearcoat $75 / Each
by Wavy Collective