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Aviation Accidents

Aviation accidents are catastrophic

While airline, airplane, private plane, or helicopter travel is quicker and safer than traveling by car or train, airplane crashes can be devastating and often result in catastrophic injuries and mass fatalities. Whether it is a major injury or the death of a loved one, an aviation accident will leave lasting emotional and physical pain. When the unthinkable happens, and you or a loved one becomes the victim of an aviation accident, you can count on The Accident Pros to fight for the justice and compensation you deserve.

Causes of Aviation Accidents

Aviation accidents often result from equipment malfunctions, design defects, faulty repairs or maintenance, pilot errors, or air traffic control negligence. Regardless of the cause, accident survivors and victims’ families are entitled to compensation for their physical, emotional, and financial suffering.

Whether a crash is caused by pilot error, repair errors or other human error, the experienced airplane accident attorneys at The Accident Pros have the legal know-how to prove the elements of a successful negligence claim due to an airline accident, airplane accident, private plane accident, or helicopter accident.

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