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Bus and Truck Accidents

Driving On Freeways And Streets Usually Means Sharing The Road With Big Semi-Trucks, 18-Wheelers, And Busses

Unfortunately for motorists, bus and truck drivers are often inexperienced, lack the proper training, or are exhausted from days of driving and strict, work imposed deadlines, leading to inattention. These factors are responsible for hundreds of thousands of serious truck and bus accidents per year. Given the large size of busses and commercial vehicles, the lengthy hours that drivers are on the road, and truck drivers’ willingness to disregard speed limits in order to meet deadlines, it should be no surprise that, in 2020, over 146,000 people were injured in collisions involving large trucks.

Bus and Trucking accidents, namely those involving big rigs, buses, and commercial vehicles, are often far more complicated than non-commercial car accidents. Injuries are often more severe and traumatic, the question of fault may not be easily answered, and, there are usually more parties involved than what you would find in an ordinary car accident.

Bus and Truck Accidents are Especially Dangerous

Given the sheer size of trucks and other commercial vehicles, truck accidents are particularly dangerous for people driving around them. Victims of a truck accident are left with lifelong and life-threatening injuries that affect their everyday lives.  Victims’ families are often left dealing with the medical, financial, and emotional impact.

Then there’s the financial hole that these accidents can put victims in. Accident victims are just that. Victims that did not do anything wrong, but now they’re stuck with mounting medical bills and lost wages, further deepening their financial hole. The entire situation can cause a mental and emotional strain on individuals, and victims can feel like they’re in a spiraling black hole.

To make matters worse, insurance companies oftentimes want to minimize victims’ injuries, refusing to fairly compensate Plaintiffs in order to save their clients money. Insurance companies often try to ignore ongoing injuries that Plaintiffs feel, like remaining neck and back pain, whiplash, skin abrasions, and head injuries.

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