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Property Owner Liability

Visiting your local mall or grocery store should not place you in a dangerous situation. To minimize the frequency of injuries, property owners have a duty to provide visitors with a safe environment. The owners have affirmative duties to make sure that their properties are safe for the public.

Despite the requirements placed on property owners, slip and fall injuries have become more and more common. Victims of these incidents can be left with severe and significant injuries with few options. Some types of hazardous conditions a property owner can be held liable for:

  • Slip and fall;
  • Pool accidents;
  • Failure to properly maintain a grocery store;
  • Injuries due to failures to provide adequate security;
  • Broken steps;
  • Raised Flooring;
  • Ripped carpeting;
  • Poorly lit walkways;
  • Cluttered pathways;
  • Building code violations; and
  • Inadequate warning signs.

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